How to Seduce a Mature Woman for Sex

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Dating an older woman has always been an appealing dream to men of all ages. Due to the intelligence and wisdom they have been gathering throughout life and the natural attractiveness that every older woman has, you can’t resist them. Still, as desirable as they are, most mature women are pretty hard to win over. So, for those curious about what it is like to share a bed with a cougar, we prepared a short list of proven tips to help you meet, enchant, and seal the deal between the sheets with a mature lady.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Woman

The better you prepare yourself for the process of seeking and charming a mature woman, the higher your chances of success. The vital thing to understand at this point is that not every mature lady is looking for a lover. Many of them have already had enough of the love games, so they won’t be easy targets. Which is okay if you are looking for love, but we are talking about casual flings here, so you’ll have to be creative. And knowing proven places where mature ladies looking for hookups gather is essential if you want to succeed.

Men of all ages interested in hooking up with older women know that mature sex dating is only possible through online matchmaking platforms. And there are a few reasons for that. Casual dating platforms allow you to scroll through the long list of single women from your area who are older and ready to meet for sex at any time. Given that ladies that use mature dating platforms are interested in no-strings fun only, you’ll have no trouble approaching any of them and offering to meet. From the very first message, they start to consider you their potential hookup partner, so it remains the case for small – a few flirty messages and an actual date.

Don’t Be Sexist

You are definitely aware of how independent and determined modern women are these days. There’s no way they will tolerate your biased attitude, especially if you are the type to order around without any reason. Those who still think every woman needs a man in her life to feel happy and complete will never be awarded the attention of a mature lady because she knows her worth. The fact that she’s looking for sex and not a relationship should give you a hint that the only thing she needs a man for is to satisfy her sexually. So, if you want her to like you and agree to hook up, watch your mouth and think before you talk. 

Be Interesting to Be Around

Even if you are interested in sex only, you’ll still have to spend time communicating and interacting before the “day X.” Whether online or on the actual date you get to know each other, make sure you have something to keep her entertained. A great move would be to find out her interests beforehand by reading her dating profile or asking her directly. Once you find out what she likes and if you have common ground, you can keep the conversation going and surprise her with your knowledge within the area that attracts you both.

Mature women pay attention not only to your appearance, which is certainly important when it comes to casual sex. But high intelligence, versatile knowledge, interests, and the ability to listen and keep up the conversation will add a hundred points to your attractiveness in her eyes. You don’t have to be an academic to seduce a mature woman, but using your natural charisma and a little knowledge, you’ll make her tremble in anticipation of what other surprises are hidden behind your sexy shell.

Remember, She’s Looking for a Man, Not a Boy

The biggest turn-off for any mature woman looking for casual sex is a man who acts like an immature teenager. You could be handsome, smart, and everything in between, but if you think she’s going to nurse you as if you’re her baby, you are so wrong. Whether you are a younger guy or a mature man yourself, you can’t expect her to want you in her bed if you don’t act like a man who knows what he wants and how to please a woman. And yes, even with this rule in mind, you still have to find a middle ground between a rude sexist and an inexperienced boy. It may seem not as easy at first glance, but all you have to do is be confident and respectful. Show courtesy, treat her with respect, not like an object of your fantasies but a person, know your desires and pursue them. Gently but firmly convince her that you are the man she needs tonight, and she won’t be able to say no.

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