Is It True That Camgirls Are Hotter Than Pornstars?

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With the rise of camming and the fall of porn-star worship culture, it’s easy to get caught up in a fantasy. Everybody chooses their own sexy fantasy – some stick to pornography and enjoy scripted adult entertainment. Some choose to experience live sex with the hottest cam beauties. To each their own, as they.

In this text, we will try to figure out if camgirls are better than pornstars. Camming has many advantages over the adult film industry but the question is whether camgirls are better than pornstars. We understand that beauty is subjective and it’s difficult to gauge the average attractiveness of a cam girl, just like it is with the average pornstar. With all of that in mind, we will still try to answer the question posed above.

Why Camgirls Are Hotter

First and foremost, these women are allowed to be natural. They are not forced to dress, act, and look a certain way. Every girl is different and that’s the beauty of it all. Diversity is what makes the world interesting – nobody wants to look at the same ladies over and over again. With camgirls, you have more than just one type to choose from. Even if you can’t see the beauty, you can still enjoy the fact that they are all-natural and the fact that they differ from the “prototype”. While pornstars are usually very well-groomed, the idea of jacking to faceless clones can be a bit off-putting. With C2C porn cams, you have a vast array of different seductresses to choose from.

On top of that, the camming girls are much better than porn stars at letting their real personalities shine. Staying true to yourself makes you very attractive. Letting your inner freak shine is what draws like-minded people in. To put it bluntly, сamming has the extra bonus of being real.

Why Pornstars Are Hotter

To be fair, porn is a lot more intense than camming. They have dedicated hours to look and act the part. The women involved in the industry are more physically fit on average and are more prone to enjoy extreme sexual activities. In some sense, they are extremely driven and more dedicated than their cam-girl counterparts.


It’s hard to come up with a concrete answer to the question “Are camgirls sexier than porn stars”? The answer is going to depend on your own personal preferences and what kind of girl you are looking for. Both genres of entertainment have their own advantages and disadvantages.

That being said, we can say that C2C porn cams can definitely give you a more sexually fulfilling, more immersive experience. The women will bend over backwards to satisfy your specific needs and cater to your favorite fetishes. You don’t get to experience such a personalized approach with pre-recorded pornography and that’s what makes camming superior in our book. It might be a bit heavier on the wallet, but it’s well worth it.

Now – would YOU choose camgirls over porn stars? Do YOU think it’s true that camgirls are hotter than pornstars?

Vina Sky is Your New Favorite Pornstar

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Vina Sky is an adult actress who is currently taking the world of adult entertainment by storm with her sensual and erotic photos and videos. Not only is the 23-year-old Texan porn star beautiful, but she is also extremely talented when it comes to using her sexuality to work her way up the rankings in the industry and garner a massive fan base. In this little write-up, we are going to focus on Vina’s storied career. In the future, we will take a closer look at the beginning of her porn career and her rising status in the industry.

Sky’s the Limit

Vina made her adult film debut in 2018. She was cast in several movies produced by big-name studios, including Exotic4k. Vina’s tight body and exotic looks make her an ideal choice for any form of truly hardcore pornography. Check out her older videos from PornVideosDot to see the way she presented herself circa 2018! The American stunner of Vietnamese descent looked like a star and acted like one as well which helped distinguish her from the other adult actresses at the time. Since her debut, she appeared in 400 more movies. For her fans, she’s undoubtedly an icon and the porn critics tend to agree with that sentiment as well. This beauty was nominated for several awards in 2020, 2021, and 2022, but she is yet to win an award. Our friends at PornVideosDot claim that it does nothing to hinder Vina’s popularity with the common viewer. She is still considered the very best Asian porn actress in the world right now.

We think that this energetic, selfless seductress is going to soon become your go-to. Her body is incredible and her sexual arsenal is really impressive, but it is her genuine, playful persona that sets her apart from the rest of the porn industry.

How to introduce video calls with a cam girl in a relationship 

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There are various factors that make a relationship work. Hence, it is important that you don’t copy whatever strategy that’s working for your friend’s relationship into yours. What works for your friend in their relationship might not work for yours. So, instead of copying and adopting, have a conversation with your partner and ensure they understand all it takes for the relationship to stay strong. 

More than usual, a relationship will always have its downtime. So, it requires two individuals willing to make it work at any cost, even if it requires having sex calls with cam models. There are different means of adopting the services of a cam model in a relationship, and one of these is by using them as the third party that can always bring the spark to a relationship. Making a relationship work would mean both partners are making a conscious effort to make it work. Hence, the introduction of a third party won’t strike you as bad if the reason behind the introduction is as genuine as a means of making the relationship better. 

Top 3 ways to introduce video sex call with a cam model into your relationship 

That your relationship isn’t enjoyable doesn’t mean your partner is boring. If you are having issues navigating the relationship or your partner seems unresponsive to actions they used to enjoy, you might need to reignite that spark. One of the means of doing that might be by adopting the service of a cam model that would engage in video sex calls with you and your partner. 

Here are some of the ways to introduce this into your relationship. 

  • Discuss it with your partner first: 

If a relationship isn’t what it used to be, it’s because the relationship has lost its spark. So, there are several means of getting this lost spark back, and one of them is by first discussing it with your partner. Don’t be surprised that you alone feel the need for a third party in the relationship. You might think the relationship is boring and not what it used to be, and your partner isn’t seeing it in the same light. So, you should first ensure that your partner agrees with you that the relationship is indeed boring. Once this is established, discussing the modality of getting a third party into the relationship becomes easier. In the discussion, you get to discuss several factors like the gender of the model, the complexion, the number of times you’d be having the video sex calls, and setting rules that would guard the relationship. The truth is, it’s somewhat difficult to manage such a relationship. Both parties must be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the arrangement work because only then will it be profitable to their relationship. 

  • Choose from the best: 

There are several cam sites where you can meet models willing to have video sex calls with couples all over the internet. Because of this, it’s important that you keep an eye out on the type of sites you visit or from the site from which the third party would emanate. Some of these cam models might be gold-diggers in disguise. So, before you open up your relationship to any person from the camming community, ensure it’s from a trusted network where their identities have been verified. With this in mind, you don’t only get to enjoy the relationship. You enjoy the uniqueness the individual will be bringing into the relationship. 

  • Follow the camming etiquettes: 

When it comes to camming, you don’t treat cam girls like you own them. Because you are paying for their services doesn’t mean you should disrespect them or treat them less than usual. So, before seeking the services of a cam model, ensure you have taken time to understand everything there is about camming and how you can successfully integrate their services into your relationship. Once you can achieve this, it would be easier for you to combine a cam model and your partner to make the relationship get the spark it once lost. 

However, one of the main reasons getting a third party in a relationship could be risky is that some individuals forget why they introduced camming in the first place over time. So, always make sure you don’t forget this because that’s the only assurance you have of wanting to sustain the relationship. That the relationship isn’t as fun as it used to be doesn’t mean it should end because you couldn’t manage a cam model and your wife in one relationship. If you know you don’t have the capacity, don’t explore it. 

Now is The Best Time to Be a Porn Fan

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Let’s face the facts: pornography is more accessible than ever before so now is a GREAT time to be a porn fan. You can visit top-tier websites such as GIFHubPorn and spend countless hours just viewing hundreds of thousands of images and videos of barely legal, sex-starved teens or drop-dead gorgeous thirtysomething with big tits. But before you indulge in this new, XXX-erific experience on a random site, we want you to consider just how lucky you are. Mainstream pornography is more arousing than ever and it’s never been easier to get direct access to porn sites and porn stars. If that’s not a dream come true, we don’t know what is. The fact that there’s always an XXX porn site with the latest and greatest content has us feeling very-very lucky. Privileged, even.

Watch and Download the Hottest XXX Videos

It should be obvious to everyone that hot pornography provides a golden opportunity for you to stimulate your brain without the fear of contracting STDs or something. That’s all good and well as you feel that coveted adrenaline rush when watching porn – there are no risks to your physical well-being, there’s no need to waste time and resources to find a lady that is willing to fuck, etc. Pornography is a great way to give your brain and your body what they crave.

You need to do this: you need to find a porn site that can meet your strict quality standards for porn. A tube like GIFHubPorn that has HD playback options, the ability to download XXX scenes, and so forth. A tube that can make you feel really nice without asking you to pay for access to premium pornography or create an account. Don’t hesitate and start enjoying the best pornography out there!

Top 3 differences in sex-drive between men and women 

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 Sex is for all. Men do it, and so do animals. But with men, it’s even more different when it comes to women. Is this stereotypic? Maybe, but the question remains, what’s the difference between sex drives in men and women. Do men have a higher libido than women, or is it reversed? 

This question has been one of the frequently asked questions, especially amongst newly married couples, because most times, you don’t know whom you are dating well until you marry. So, you might be surprised at how much your partner loves sex. According to studies in recent times, men are prone to have stronger and more straightforward sex drives than women. However, when trying to explain the source of libido of both genders, women are much harder to comprehend, hence, less straightforward. 

It is no news that women tend to get more emotionally attached; hence they are more sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. However, this doesn’t make them any less vulnerable when it comes to sex drive than men. 

As explained earlier, there are more than one difference between the sex drive in both men and women and here are some of them.

Men think of sex almost always:

Here’s one of the key differences between the sex drive in men. On average, a man will think of sex at least once a day. This statistic is only about one-quarter of women. Thinking about sex results from high libido in men, and some would probably have to consume HD porn videos online to satisfy their urge for sex. However, it should be noted that as both gender age, sexual fantasies reduce, but it’s worth noting that men still tend to think more about sex than women. This research has successfully backed up the popular maxim that says “men are moved by what they see and women by what they hear,” 

Men want to have sex always:

Another difference in sex drive between men and women is that men would always want to have sex, if possible, at the very beginning of a relationship and throughout the relationship. This is true across all genders, even in the LGBTQi+ community. Most gays and heterosexuals have sex quite often due to their high libido. So, with high libido comes the urge to have sex, more typically in men than in women. According to research, men tend to consume porn more than women, which has affected the level of masturbation in men and women. When thinking of prostitution, it’s still majorly because men have a somewhat insatiable sex drive, rather than the other way. Women go into prostitution because of money, while men do it because of the high sex drive. 

Women last longer when it comes to duration:

Here’s where everything gets a little tricky. As established above, men tend to have more sex than women and have very high sex drives. The only difference here is that they don’t last longer than women regarding the actual sex. It could take about 10 minutes for a man to attain orgasm, and a woman could take hours. While a man has had about four orgasms, women might just have one; most times, they don’t even have none at all. Most ladies could go days of having sex without experiencing an orgasm. This is one of the variations in sex drives between men and women. 

Men have more sex; they tend to enjoy it more than women because they can attain orgasm easily. However, it is important to note that women take a longer period and lasts longer in bed. Sex is not a race; neither is it a competition, so be sure you do not compare relationships. Your friends might be having hours and multiple rounds of sex, making their women orgasm easily. If your man isn’t doing this, you can adopt several corrective measures. One of them is by learning from HD porn and masturbating together. This would help your partner understand your body better and how well to please you. 

You could also speak to a sex therapist if you feel your partner has an insatiable sex drive. Meeting a therapist will help you understand how you can manage this high libido because most times, it could be as a result of hormonal imbalances or due to the type of food your partner takes. Hence, it is important that you and your partner always talk about issues in your relationships, communicate effectively and make conscious efforts to make one another better. 

Reasons Why People Prefer Live Cam Sex to Porn Watching

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Don’t get us wrong: watching porn is pretty hot, but sometimes it feels… stale. Even if there’s a limitless pornographic database just a few clicks away from you at all times, you can’t help but feel bored. You can explore different fetishes or sort of creep on pornstars by marathoning all of their videos, but even that might not seem thrilling enough at times.

Do you want to know why? Because there’s little to no interactivity when it comes to this brand of adult entertainment. Watching porno movies does not require any participation from you. To attain higher levels of sexual gratification, there has to be some sort of interaction or a connection that makes the viewers feel more involved… You know where this is going, right?

Cons of Watching Porn

In addition to the fact that you just sit there passively like a cuck while the woman you lust after gets railed by a bunch of big-dicked dudes, there exist other downsides, including:

1.        All the best parts are cut out. Unless you’re willing to pay for porn, you will be treated to incomplete movies. They intentionally cut out the best part to make you want more. It’s infuriating.

2.        Choices can be overwhelming. Way too much readily available content to choose from, which can be pretty damn discouraging for some people. Especially for people that hate choosing.

3.        Your fantasies remain sort of unfulfilled. Even if you find a video that caters to your specific needs, it still can feel really unfulfilling overall. You’re not the one she’s talking to or thinking about or getting fucked by.

4.        It takes a long while to find the right video. We have all been there. It takes a long-ass time to find the right scene and then to find the right moment to cum to. It can kill all the excitement you had going.

Pros of Webcam Sex

1.        You’re the one in control. Yeah, it’s very fulfilling when you’re the one in control. You tell the lady what to do, how to address you, etc. It’s the next best thing to actually screwing someone IRL and that’s an exaggeration.

2.        There’s an emotional connection. It doesn’t happen right away, but most people that frequent camgirl sites such as The Wank Cam report forming a bond with certain performers. Because of that, every sexual experience is heightened. It’s hotter when it’s someone you have ACTUAL HUMAN feelings for.

3.        She’s actually into you. Pornstars do it for a paycheck and don’t even know (or, frankly, care) that you exist. Webcam girls, on the other hand, really care about the people that they pleasure. They want to see you cum and that will surely make THEM cum as well.

4.        It’s also free. Most porn is free and most camgirl sex is also free. The only difference is the level of interactivity and immersion. We still can’t understand why someone would knowingly pick the clearly inferior option.

Few Things You Should Be Aware of in Cam Sites

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 The introduction of webcam technology has influenced all sectors of our life. People can connect easily with others despite the location and time. More so, video conferencing makes it possible for the users to see each other as they chat.

As a result, many businesses have embraced live cams. An excellent example is the adult cam sites. On these platforms, you meet, chat, or stream live with anyone of your choice. You only need to have an internet connection and cam camera installed in the gadget you’re using. But you also have to remember that not all of those sites are worth for you to use, check this list to only use the best ones.

Unfortunately, safety on porn sites isn’t always guaranteed. It’s essential to take precautions when using one. You will have insight into a few things you should be aware of in cam sites. They include the following;

1. Some Profiles are Fake

Scammers are aware that some people who visit cam sites are heartbroken and looking for love. Such people are vulnerable because they can do anything for love.

As a result, scammers create fake profiles to lure them. If not careful, you might think that you have found your right partner.
But in the real sense, that person wants to take advantage of you. If you have money, they look for ways of stealing from you. Such people are known as ‘catfish.’

Before registering with any cam site, kindly check their terms first. Investigate if they have rules in place to prevent catfishing. If not, avoid such websites. You can also know a fake profile. Here are some tips;

• The person does not want to meet you in real life, and yet you are within the exact location
• The person is always reluctant to talk to you on the phone
• When the person requests you chat off the cam site
• A spiced-up profile. For example, if the person emphasizes his riches or a thriving career
• Funny stories to have you send money to them such as stuck in another country or experiencing a tragedy
• If the person wants you to get into a serious relationship too soon.

Whatever you do, never send such people your official details and money!

2. Cam Sites Have Many Participants

Like the way you enjoy adult entertainment from live cams or sites, and so do other people. It’s not uncommon to find someone you know modeling in a cam site. That’s why safety in porn sites is vital.

As a parent or married person, you wouldn’t want your child or spouse to find you on such a platform. Other people who regard you highly may bump into you on adult platforms, injuring your reputation.

To protect yourself from that, consider using sites that allow you to choose who to access your profile or live cam. You can block anyone you don’t want to access your content.

3. Some Cam Sites are Not Secure

A website delivered on HTTP is not secure. It carries a lot of risk for the user. A secure cam site should get provided on HTTPS.

Safety on unsecured porn sites is highly compromised. 3rd parties can steal your information. You may find your data, such as credit card details, address, or name, being used elsewhere.

But on a secured cam site, your information gets stored in an encrypted code, making it difficult to trace.
Because of the insecurity in unsecured porn sites, most people leave as soon as they enter. As a result, you may not meet the kind of people you want. Reports have recorded numerous cases of improper language use, unprofessional stuff, and amateur use on such sites.

Also, if you stream live for your clients, you may not get the fan base or followers you need. As a cam model, this can hinder your career in the adult industry.

4. Install a Legit Malware Software

Live cams are possible on any gadget as long as it has a good camera and internet connection. But if your device doesn’t get protected from malware, it may get infected. As a result, hackers can control your webcam and device.

Before enrolling in any porn site, ensure that you’ve installed the right malware software on your device. Look for the recommended software. Otherwise, your whole experience on live cams could be a nightmare!


Cam sites significantly transformed the adult industry. People can now enjoy sexual pleasure in the comfort of their homes. But despite their many benefits, safety on porn sites remains an issue, as discussed above.
But if you are aware of the things pointed out above and take the appropriate action, your safety in live cam is guaranteed.

Why men like older women: a lot of reasons

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Psychologists believe that older women are not chosen by mama’s sons, but, on the contrary, by ambitious men. Because they are looking for a friend, not only a mistress, but also a mentor, with whom they even more confidently realize their Napoleonic plans.

Older women look more luxurious

It is closer to thirty that a woman finds her own style. Plus, she gains an understanding that she cannot save on herself. She dresses expensively, does not skimp on grooming procedures – and looks sleek.

You can watch hot mature porn tube for the best content with your pleasure.

Older women have a lot to talk about

  • This does not mean that young girls are stupid and do not know how to put two words together. 
  • But mature women have a priori broader horizons. 
  • More life experiences, they are not afraid to voice their opinions. 
  • It’s catchy. It’s interesting with them.

Older women are emotionally more mature

With age, we better understand ourselves, our desires. We calmly set priorities and boundaries. Older women do not play on feelings and clearly know what they want. Therefore, it is much more comfortable and emotionally calmer with them.

Older women don’t insist on family

Most girls still place expectations on a man related to marriage and children. This is quite natural, but many men perceive it as pressure.

An accomplished adult woman already has children  Continue reading “Why men like older women: a lot of reasons”

Honest Tips for AnaCams Camgirls

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We all have already heard the “usual” pieces of advice that people give you when talking about the camgirl experience. You have to be nice to the regulars, you have to choose trusted websites such as, you have to stay true to yourself, yada-yada. That stuff is pretty much obvious, so we asked AnaCams camgirls to focus on some of the more underrated tips.

Webcamming Advice for Newcomers

1.   Pay attention to your attitude. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, hangover, stressed, or you just feel like it, you need to chill out and just do something else than sitting at your computer and trying to seduce people to no avail. Check out some chick flicks on Netflix, it will certainly help get your mind off things, or have a glass of wine! Remember that work ethic is not actually everything in your line of work. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: do you want to have sex with someone who’s clearly in the mood?

2.   Consider a second job. Camming is great but unless you’re going to live off of it, you’ll probably need a little extra money to cover the cost of food and other lifestyle expenses. If you’re someone who prefers to work/do other things at the same time then camming could be a great opportunity for you to work on a project you enjoy, something you find more relaxing or more rewarding.

3.   Be a team player. There are many benefits to this such as promoting each other’s work, getting feedback and even setting up groups to help each other out. Work together with other models to help each other out and find similar customers. Continue reading “Honest Tips for AnaCams Camgirls”

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