How to Master the 69 Position

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Ready to explore the tantalizing world of 69? We sure are! This position has been turning heads (and other body parts) for ages, and we’re here to give you the scoop on how to master it like a pro.

First off, let’s get one thing straight – 69 ain’t just about a number. It’s a simultaneous pleasure fest where both partners get to give and receive at the same time. It’s an erotic dance where your bodies move in perfect sync. Make no mistake – anyone can master it. You don’t have to be one of the professional hausbesuche huren to ace it. It’s fair to say that 69 is an exploration where each partner worships every inch of their lover’s naughty bits leading to pure mutual bliss.

But don’t think this position is easy peasy lemon squeezy either. You need to keep quite a few things in mind for it to be mind-blowingly amazing. That’s where we come in! We’ve got the hottest tips and tricks on how to make 69 work wonders for you and your partner.

So grab a seat (or lie down), relax, and get ready for a sensual journey like no other. It’s time to learn all about the upside-down position that will take your sex life to new heights!

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Planning a Date with an Escort? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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G’day, cobber! So, you’re thinking about booking a date with a stunning Australian escort… that’s a ripper choice! But before you dive into the thrilling world of adult companionship, it’s essential to do some prep work and consider a few vital factors to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for both of you.

Let’s crack on and explore what you need to contemplate when planning a date with an escort, shall we?

Know What You Want

  • Type of Service

There’s a smorgasbord of services offered by Australian escorts, so it’s crucial to know precisely what you’re after before booking.

Are you looking for a sensual massage, a full-service encounter, or something a bit kinkier? Make sure you communicate your desires clearly and respectfully, so there are no surprises later on.

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Masturbation Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

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Everyone, at least those who are almost about it, masturbates. Whether you get your kicks with real-time Discord sex cam services or conventional porn, self-pleasure is something we all indulge in.

But even today, it can still be a taboo topic.  Not that this is particularly surprising, since masturbation is a fundamentally private activity, which so many consider to be an unnatural or “dirty” act.

Consequently, people may feel uncomfortable talking about it or even mentioning it at all – leading to a stigma. Additionally, some religious and moral beliefs contribute to the issue.

For example, some people are born and raised to believe that masturbation is immoral or wrong. This stigma can be powerful and can lead to feelings of guilt or shame, even when it comes to a perfectly natural and healthy activity.

Unfortunately, this taboo is often further reinforced by myths and misinformation about masturbation, which can lead people to think what they’re doing is wrong.

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Stripchat Website and Why To Use It

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Gone are the days when you must search countless sites to find a porn video you like. With technology today, you can find models you like and get them to do the things you like watching at the click of a button. 

The online adult entertainment industry is growing at an alarming rate. People are no longer satisfied with impersonal experiences. They crave social interaction and that’s exactly what you can expect from Stripchat.

The Stripchat website aims to offer the greatest place for adult pleasure full of positive energy and delightful aftertastes. 

What is Stripchat?

Stripchat is an online live sexual entertainment community available solely to adults. Both professional and amateur models have streams available for free viewing. Users can browse through tens of thousands of tolerant models on the website. 

There are male, female, transgender, and pair models. These models engage in live on-camera sexual activity. In addition to viewing the performances, you may use interactive toys to direct the actors’ actions or watch private performances. 

You may choose acts and pay for the models to do them using the site’s token currency. You may also link your camera to live concerts for a more intimate experience. 

Advantages of Using Stripchat

There are many advantages to using Stripchat to fulfill your sexual desires. Here are a few of them.


  • The site is available in 20 languages.
  • Virtual reality functions
  • Free account creation
  • Free shows available
  • Chat with models and other users
  • Controlling what models do with tokens
  • You can record private shows
  • Over 100,000 models
  • Sexual advice blog posts

Improve Your Experience With VR Chat Rooms

If you’re tired of viewing things in 2D, why not improve your experience with 3D virtual reality chat sessions and shows? Virtual reality viewers may see Stripchat in its entirety. Get up close and personal with VR, and see from any position. 

VR chat aims to elevate your interactions with models and realize your aspirations. It pulls you outside the screen and engages you in immersive, sensual encounters. You may communicate with models without using the chat function in addition to watching them in virtual reality and taking them to highly private performances. 

Whether you choose to use Stripchat or another platform, we recommend you try VR chat and experience how this feature can help you truly experience your fantasies.

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How To Be A Smart Professional Escort?

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Professional escorting is no longer viewed as a controversial public service. For young adults with no interest in a college degree, escorting may be the career of a lifetime. Everyone who goes into the escort industry will not have an elite lifestyle. To succeed in such a competitive industry takes smartness. Not necessarily a high IQ but cleverness, wittiness, and stylishness. With these qualities, anyone can build a career by providing escort services to members of the elite class.

It Is No Longer A Female Industry

Being a smart escort means being open-minded. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of escorts go wrong. They just assume the escort industry is specifically for females. Contrary to belief, men joined the industry a decade ago.

Women are no longer the ruler of the escort industry. Men are professional escorts and they are loving it. As more males join the elite escort London industry, it becomes even more competitive than one could have ever imagined.

Quick Thinking

Quick thinking is pertinent in the escort world. People will never overcome the challenges of escorting if they cannot think quickly. While no one wants to speak badly of escorting, it is not a career void of risks. Escorts who have reportedly found themselves in dangerous situations were able to survive through quick thinking.

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